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Year 7 Tutors


7ROB Mr Robinson

Hello, my name is Mr Robinson and I am a teacher of English at Coundon Court. I am big fan of Harry Potter so the whole collection of books is my favourite to read. I am also interested in: astronomy, science, sport and technology.

My hobbies are playing volleyball and cycling and I enjoy watching my favourite sport which is football


7PLE Miss Poole

Hi! I am Miss Poole and I can’t wait to meet you all when you come to Coundon Court.

I am one of the teachers in the English department. The reason I enjoy teaching English is because I love the hidden meaning in books and the adventures that they take you on.

However, I’m not just a teacher. I am a massive Harry Potter fan! I’ve even been to the Harry Potter studio tour 4 times! In my spare time I enjoy walking my 3 dogs, Milly, Charlie and Dobby (I told you I was a big Harry Potter fan!). 


7JEF Mr Jeffs

Hello year 7! My name is Mr Jeffs and I teach English. I have been teaching the subject for 18 years and I can honestly say that I still look forward to going into work every day. If I had to choose which text I enjoy teaching the most, I would go with Macbeth because it has everything: fascinating, complex characters; a gripping plot; and a dose of the supernatural for good measure!  Hope to see you soon.


7ORY Mrs O'Reilly


A little bit about me: I have five children and a gorgeous dog called Barney, who thinks he’s a human. I love reading and each year I try and read 52 books – one for each week of the year!

Hope to meet you soon.


7VID Dr Videtta

Hello! My name is Dr Videtta. The first thing you should probably know about me is that I am not a medical doctor! I work in the English Department and I enjoy teaching literature – especially poetry and plays as my students are always excited to perform these in class. I love keeping active and when I’m not in the classroom I work as a fitness instructor. I absolutely adore coffee and cake of any kind and enjoy baking. 


7RFN Mrs Redfern-Crane

Hello, my name is Mrs Redfern-Crane and I am really excited about being a Year 7 tutor next year.  I teach in the English department and I really enjoy teaching students about all types of literature because my favourite thing to do is to read!  I also really enjoy playing the piano and I have been having lessons to learn to play for two years.  I have a dog - a Springer Spaniel called Jasper and a cat called Finlay who keep me very busy.  


7LNE Miss Lane

Hi I'm Miss Lane! In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym or taking my dog out for walks and exploring. Anyone in the department can tell you how much I like food. One of my favourite things to do is to travel and eat! ​​​​​​​


7ROB Miss Bogusz

Hello - I am Miss Bogusz. I have been teaching for 16 years but only joined Coundon Court in January 2020 so I am still finding my way around. I teach English and Media Studies. My favourite novel is Wuthering Heights. I also love finding new films and TV programmes to watch.


7CKL Mr Cockrell

Hello, I’m Mr Cockrell. At school, I teach English and Spanish; both subjects are fascinating and instil a love of language. At home, I like to paint with oil pastels and listen to Spanish music. See you all soon!


7DOC Ms Webster

Hi I'm Ms Webster, I teach French and Spanish. I'm crazy about languages, so much so that I've learnt 7 languages in my life on top of my native language (French). I love travelling and learning about new cultures! My best adventure yet was spending 6 months in St Petersburg, Russia, after that I moved to the UK which was nearly eleven years ago! 


7NAS Miss Nashad

Hi! I’m Miss Nashad and I teach Spanish and French. I love learning other languages and am trying to learn Italian at the moment. I can already speak a bit of Punjabi and Portuguese as well. I enjoy going on holidays to Spanish speaking countries as I like being able to understand everything going on around me; hopefully my next stop will be Colombia! 


7DAM Miss Dambowy

Hola! ​​​​​​​My name is Miss Dambowy and I am a Spanish teacher here at Coundon Court.

One of my favourite books is 'Der Koffer mit dem doppelten Boden', which I read when I was your age. In my free time, I love taking part in sports like going to the gym, Salsa dancing, cycling and being active with my family.  My other passion is travelling as I enjoy getting to know new countries, cultures and people. 


7MOS Mr Mosley

Hi! My name is Mr Mosley and I am a French teacher at Coundon Court.

I studied French and German at University and can also speak a small amount of Spanish.

I am a big football fan and a season ticket holder at Coventry City (League One Champions!) 


7DOC Miss Docherty

​​​​​​​¡Hola! My name is Miss Docherty and I am a Spanish and French teacher here at Coundon Court. I love learning languages! I studied Spanish, Italian and Portuguese at University. I love to travel. My favourite city is Barcelona and I love listening to songs in Spanish!


7DAW Miss Cutler

My favourite thing to teach in English is Shakespeare (obviously!) because there are always new messages and morals to discover in his writing, so teaching Shakespeare is slightly different every time! My favourite authors are Ernest Hemingway and Jane Austen, as well as a genre called 'weird fiction'. My hobbies are writing, painting and entertaining my miniature dachshund Freddie!

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