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Entry Requirements

Grade 6 at GSCE in English
and History or Geography

About the course

A-Level Politics gives students a varied insight and an in depth foundation in UK and US government and politics
and political ideas. It provides the perfect opportunity for students to develop higher-order thinking skills and
engage in the politics of today. This topic is always topical and will touch upon many exciting, varied and controversial issues in the news, including Brexit and Trump!


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Possible future careers...

Politics, philosophy and ethics, sociology, history, law, archiving, journalism, English and media

Year 12 Topics

US Politics: the constitutional framework, judiciary and legislature.
UK Politics: the constitution, prime minister and cabinet, in addition to the judiciary and devolution
Ideologies: conservatism and liberalism

Goes well with...

History, English, Psychology, Sociology

Year 13 Topics

US Politics: the power of the executive, political parties and elections, and civil rights.
UK Politics: democracy and participation, elections and referenda, political parties, pressure groups and the European Union.
Ideologies: nationalism and socialism


Paper 1: Government and Politics of the UK (2 hour exam worth 33% of the course)
Paper 2: Government and Politics in the USA (2 hour exam worth 33% of the course)
Paper 3: Political Ideas: Nationalism (2 hour exam worth 33% of the course)

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