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Entry Requirements

6+ in English

About the course

Media studies allows you to explore the world around you and how it is presented. Media studies can be useful in a range of careers including marketing, sales and advertising, broadcast media and performing arts, journalist and publishing, and leisure sport and tourism.

Media Studies

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Possible future careers...

Year 12 Topics

Film: Black Panther
Music Video: Formation and Riptide
Advertisements: Tide, Kiss of the Vampire and Wateraid.
Newspapers: The Times and The Daily Mirror
Radio: Late Night Woman's Hour
Video Games: Assassins Creed.

Goes well with...

English Language, Art, History

Year 13 Topics

TV: Humans and The Returned
Online: Attitude and Zoella
Magazines: Huck and Woman's Realm


Component 1 and 2 look at a wide range of media texts, in which you will focus on the media industry, the media audience, media language and how it conveys meaning and the representations we see in the media.

During component 3, you will be able to create your own media product in line with and intended audience.

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