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Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in English and History

About the course

History is fascinating because it is the lens through which we understand our own society. It's about the study of people of legend and of those whose names were never recorded; of the rise and fall of nations, of societies and their values, hopes and dreams; of human endeavour and success and tragic failure. Through studying History we understand more about ourselves as individuals.


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Possible future careers...


Academic Librarian

Lawyer, Journalist, Archeologist

Year 12 Topics

Henry VII: the establishment of the Tudors.
Henry VIII: the rule of Henry VIII and Wolsey
The Break with Rome
Henry VIII's later years.
Weimar Germany - the birth of the republic and economic challenge.
Germany's Golden Years and the Great Depression
The collapse of the Weimar Republic

Goes well with...

Politics, English literature, English language and Literature, Media

Year 13 Topics

Instability and consolidation: the 'Mid Tudor Crisis'.
Elizabethan England: Queen, government and changing religious ideas.
Conflict and exploration in Elizabeth's reign
Nazi Germany - the Racial and Radical State
The Impact of War


Component 1 is a breadth study of Tudor England (40% of grade)
Component 2 is a depth study of Weimar and Nazi Germany (40% of grade)
Component 3 is an NEA which will be completed by spring of year 13 (20% of grade)

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