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Miss A O’ Connor

Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in GCSE Sciences, Mathematics and English

About the course

The qualification is equivalent to one ‘A’ level in terms of
size. It will provide learners for the challenges that they will face in Higher Education or employment. The course focuses on
the skills, knowledge and understanding that universities and employers demand.

Health and Social Care (BTEC)

Sixth Form Lion Head.png

Possible future careers...

Year 12 Topics

1. Building positive relationships in health and social
2. Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care.
3. Health, safety and security in health and social care.
4. Anatomy and physiology for health and social care.

Goes well with...

Applied psychology, Media

Year 13 Topics

10. Nutrition for Health.
13. Sexual Health, reproduction and Early Development


Units 2, 3 and 4 are assessed by exam and marked by OCR
Unit 1 and optional units are internally assessed by the centre staff and externally moderated by the exam board.

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