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Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in Geography and Grade 5 in Maths.

About the course

Geography focuses on understanding the relationships between people and their varied environments and the issues which arise from these relationships. During the course, students will learn to use a range of transferra-ble skills which include collecting, analysing and interpreting data, communicating information in a variety of ways and decision making skills.

An A Level in Geography develops your understanding of physical and human geography from a local through to a global scale. You will develop practical fieldwork skills as you explore and think critically about the interactions between people and the environment and the issues arising.


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Possible future careers...

Year 12 Topics

Coastal Landscapes
Earth's Life Support Systems
Changing Spaces Making Places
Investigative Geography involving 5 days of fieldwork (4,000 word report)

Goes well with...

Chemistry, Biology, Maths

Year 13 Topics

Human Rights
Climate Change
Hazardous Earth


You will have 3 exams in the summer of Y13
Paper 1 Physical Systems 1 hour 30 minutes (22% of grade)
Paper 2 Human Interactions 1 hour 30 minutes (22% of grade)
Paper 3 Geographical Debates 2 hour 30 minutes (36% of grade)
Investigative Geography Non-Exam Assessment (NEA) (20% of grade)

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