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Entry Requirements

Minimum Grade 6 in French GCSE

About the course

A Level French students will develop a practical life skill and become equipped with the linguistic and cultural knowledge to explore French-speaking countries across five continents.
Learning a foreign language opens many doors and is highly valued by future employers.
The course sets out to provide students with the ability and confidence to use the language for work or leisure while simultaneously immersing them in the culture and values of modern French and Francophone society.


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Possible future careers...

Year 12 Topics

- The importance of family in French society
- The French education system
- The world of work
- French and Francophone music
- Media in French society
- French and Francophone customs, festivals and traditions
- An in-depth study of the film "Intouchables"

Goes well with...

English Literature, Product Design, Photography

Year 13 Topics

- Immigration and its impact on French society and culture
- Far-right politics in modern France
- Important periods in French history (The Occupation of France, Vichy France and the French Resistance)
- An in-depth study of "L'étranger" by Albert Camus


You will take three exams in the summer of Year 13:
- Paper 1 - Listening, Reading and Translation into English (40%)
- Paper 2 - Translation into French and Writing based on "Intouchables" and "L'étranger" (30%)
- Paper 3 - Speaking (30%)

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