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Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in English and Maths

About the course

The subject content enables learners to investigate different types and sizes of organisations in various business sectors and environments, drawing on local, national and global contexts. Learners will develop an holistic understanding of business and enterprise and be aware of the opportunities and threats of operating in a global marketplace.


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Possible future careers...

Year 12 Topics

Component 1:
Business plans
Market research
Business structure
Business location
Business finance
Business revenue and costs
People in organisations (human resources)
Operations management.

Goes well with...

Economics, Maths, Product Design

Year 13 Topics

Component 2:
Data analysis
Market analysis
Sales forecasting
Analysing financial performance
Analysing non-financial performance
Aims and objectives
Strategy and implementation
Decision-making models
Investment appraisal
Special orders

Component 3:
Risk management
PEST factors
Ethical, legal and environmental factors
International trade
The European Union


Component 1 is about Business Opportunities and Functions and has a total of 80 marks ( 33.3%)
Component 2 is about Business Analysis and Strategy and has a total of 80 marks ( 33.3%)
Component 3 is about Business in a Changing World and has a total of 80 marks ( 33.3%)

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