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Entry Requirements

Grade 6 at GCSE Art, Photography or Design Technology

About the course

You will gain experience in a broad range of materials, techniques and processes comprised of woven, embroidered, knitted, printed, painted, dyed, manipulated and constructional methods. You will utilise these skills to produce a great variety of textile outcomes, informed by both historical and contemporary textile design across a variety of cultures. This course also includes a growing number of interdisciplinary approaches, drawing sources from fine art, architecture, photography, published media and product design. You will develop your own chosen theme (with guidance from your teacher) where you will develop purposeful experimentation, reflecting your personal interests and judgements and making use of an ever-increasing number of materials and technologies as they emerge.

Art and Design - Textiles

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Possible future careers...

Product design, photography, English, History, Science

Graphic design


Year 12 Topics

Goes well with...

Product design, photography, English, History, Science

Year 13 Topics


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