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Entry Requirements

55 for Combined Science plus 5 for Maths

About the course

Applied Science takes a practical and theoretical approach to different areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
The course builds on scientific skills and understanding developed in GCSE Science. The emphasis is on real-life applications of scientific concepts and the specification covers the use of biological, chemical and physical techniques in the scientific workplace.
The course contains about 50% practical science and also students will learn to use a range of transferrable skills which include research, collecting and interpreting data, communicating information and self reflection skills. It suits students who prefer a staged approach rather than just relying on terminal exams.

Applied Science (BTEC)

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Possible future careers...

Year 12 Topics

Chemistry Atoms and Bonding
Biology Cells and Tissues
Physics Waves
Practical Science coursework

Goes well with...

Art, Sociology, Business, Applied Science, Health and Social Care

Year 13 Topics

Human Anatomy coursework
Practical Science of Enzymes, Plants, Fuels, Electricity and Diffusion


Year 12 has 3x 40min exams in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
Year 12 has 4 coursework units.
Year 13 has 1 Practical exam followed by a written paper.
Year 13 has 3 coursework units.

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